Our concept

The German Abitur enjoys a reputation of being one of the highest valued degrees worldwide. Our international upper school, Oberstufe, focuses on teaching necessary skills and knowledge in order to pass the demanding examination resulting in the Abitur degree. In addition to the offered range of languages (German, English, Spanish, Latin and French), we provide a broad choice of various classes such as biology, geography, mathematics, philosophy and history to ensure a most flexible positioning of our students regarding their future orientation. The diverse options to combine the subjects enhance the differences and foster the talents of our students. The Oberstufe begins in the 11th grade and terminates after three years with the officially recognized Abitur degree. Due to our status as a private institution in the educational system in Germany and depending on the individual qualifications and background, we can ensure flexible planning and possible reduction of the time until the examination. Besides our German students many international students have been part of our last classes from countries such as Korea, Russia, MEA-countries, Turkey and many more, who have been amongst our most successful graduates. As we recognize and value differences in the initial situations of our students, we foster intensive learning by ensuring classes with less than 14 students, enabling our teachers to keep a high level of individual support and develop target-oriented classes. Evaluating the superior examination performances of our past students our methods have proved themselves as a successful strategy.

Abitur- Final exams

To assure a constant high-level quality of the Abitur, the final exams are being completed within an officially recognized assessment at the end of the 13th grade. After successful completion of the exams, the Abitur provides an excellent basis for further studies in, for example, Europe or the United States of America.

Living on the shore of the Rhein

Being the former capital of Germany, Bonn provides a superb infrastructure, lots of sports-club as well as outstanding cross-cultural offers. Living in one of the HEBO boarding schools, the professional support of each student regarding personal and educational development stays the most fundamental issue and promise to our students at all times.